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Academic Report of Prof. Wang Chunru
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  On the afternoon of August 20, Wang Chunru, a professor from the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, was invited to our group to give an academic report entitled ‘A Gift from Cosmic Nebula---Fullerene’. The main content of this lecture are: the discovery of fullerenes and metal fullerenes, basic research, updating of preparation devices, and the application work in biomedicine of his team.

  Prof. Wang's team took the lead in the preparation of fullerenes in large quantities in the world, which paved the way for the application of fullerenes. They developed fullerenes cosmetics with anti-aging effect and were still working on it. In the field of biomedicine, Professor Wang amusingly introduced their research based on fullerenes and their derivatives. They made progress on skin antioxidant aging, promoting hair follicle growth and prolongation, attacking malignant tumors and treatment of diabetes mellitus.

  Participants are attracted by Prof. Wang's lively and interesting report which offered the teachers and students a deep understanding of fullerenes and stimulated everyone's interest in the study of fullerenes. At the end of the report, Prof. Wang answered the participants' questions carefully.

 Prof. Wang in the report

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