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The 5th National Conference on Ionic Liquids and Green Processes was held in Nanchang
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  November 6-8,2020, "Ionic Liquids: From ionic creation to technological change" as the theme of the Fifth National Academic Conference on Ionic Liquids and Green Processes was held in Nanchang. The conference was organized by the Professional Committee on ionic liquids of the Jiangxi Normal University, the process Engineering Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Nanjing University and Nanchang University. Professor Wu youting of the Nanjing University and Academician Zhang Suo Jiang of the process Engineering Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences are the chairman of the conference, academician Zhang Yukui of the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academician Han Buxing of the Institute of chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academician Xu Chunming of the China University of Petroleum, Academician Li Jinghong of Tsinghua University, Professor Zhang Zhibing of the Nanjing University, Professor Wang Jianji of the Henan Normal University and other experts were invited to attend the meeting, professor Tao Duanjian was appointed Secretary General of the organizing committee of the Congress. Professor Jiangxi Normal University, Director of the Department of Science and technology of Jiangxi Province, and president of the Jiangxi Normal University, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. More than 600 experts and scholars from more than 80 universities, scientific research institutes and enterprises attended the conference.

  The president of the Congress, academician Zhang Suojiang, delivered the opening speech, which covered three aspects: Working Together for 20 years, crossing and integrating the new decade, and building together a big dream for the future, the development process and achievements of ionic liquids from Basic Research to industrial application in China are described. He pointed out that ionic liquids as a new green medium came into being, creating an infinite number of possibilities. Over the past 20 years, ionic liquids have formed a trend of vigorous and iterative development in China, continuously opening up major frontier directions, and have been widely used in chemistry, chemical industry, new materials, medicine, aerospace and other fields, more than 30 industrial demonstration facilities have been set up in China, which has brought about the transformation of the whole industry chain of green process manufacturing. Green, high-end and intelligence are the general trend of the development of the Times. We must adhere to the original innovation to lead the scientific frontier, strengthen the foundation-application of the transformation industrial model, train more outstanding young talents and bring up more outstanding scientific research teams, every prosperous time when live up to the prosperous time, hand in hand to create the new future of Ionic Liquids!

  The high level of reporting at this session includes 13 General Assembly reports, 28 divisional thematic reports, 21 invitation reports, 43 oral reports and 179 wall reports, from the angles of basic research, technological innovation and industrial application, the latest achievements and advanced scientific progress of ionic liquids in the fields of new energy, new materials, electronic information, biomass, biomedicine, simulation calculation and green intelligent process are presented. Highlight the interdisciplinary and integration of industry, university and Research, ionic liquid field experts, more cross-field experts and industry representatives.

  At the 2020 annual working meeting of the Special Committee on ionic liquids held at the same time, the meeting heard the report on the work of the special committee, considered the addition of 16 members to the special committee, and discussed the compilation of the series on ionic liquids, the conference on ionic liquids and green processes will be held every two years. The sixth conference will be held in Deqing County, Zhejiang, Zhejiang Province in 2022.

  Academician Zhang Suojiang summed up his speech at the closing ceremony of the conference. He pointed out that the gathering of experts and scholars from the academic and industrial circles, the report of the conference and the magnificent exchange of information were unprecedented, it shows the vigorous development trend of ionic liquid research and the trend of highly cross-fusing of current social subjects. It also shows the bright future of Ionic Liquid in the future! We have kept pace with the times and targeted major national needs. We have targeted neck-blocking technologies and made breakthroughs in the fields of electronic information, aerospace, life and health. The government, enterprises and scientific research institutes have coordinated development to create innovative systems, to achieve industrial innovation; to continuously carry out high-level international cooperation and, with the help of international intelligence, lead and promote major scientific and technological breakthroughs; and to promote the innovative development of ionic liquids in line with the concepts of integrated innovation, open cooperation and excellence, start a new era of green process!

Academician Zhang Suo-jiang delivered the opening speech

The convention

Group photo of the 2020 annual working meeting of the Special Committee on ionic liquids

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